Doing what we oughter …

There was a clear theme in the readings from Habbakuk (1:1-4, 2:1-4) and Luke 15: 5-10 today, and that was – keep on keeping on. Keep on doing what we know of God’s will and ways, even when it seems like the world is headed for hell on the fast-track. Keep on when  all you can do seems so little in the face of so much wrong and nastiness. Keep on because that’s what loyal friends do. When the Western Bulldogs won the AFL Grand Final yesterday for the second time, 60 years after its first GF win, the coach made a point of acknowledging the loyalty of club supporters, who kept on believing, hoping and helping the team for 60 years without reward.

People are capable of great loyalty, to loved ones, ideals, organisations like clubs, churches, schools, etc.  We remain loyal through good times and bad not because of rewards, but because we want to be in that relationship, whatever happens.

God has remained loyal to us through some terrible, heartbreaking times. And even in terrible times, people are loyal to God because that’s what life, and being human, are all about.